Free app helps consumers understand and reduce their cyber risk

SAFE Me app

Cybercrime is a major concern and many people worry about the threat of their personal data being stolen, leading to identity theft.

A new free app from cybersecurity and digital business risk quantification specialist Lucideus aims to fundamentally change the way consumers secure and protect their digital lives.

SAFE Me makes use of AI and machine learning to provide every individual with a cyber risk (or breach likelihood) score on a scale of zero to five based on a combination of factors including device security, exposure on the deep and dark web, cybersecurity awareness and more.


It highlights any passwords that may have been exposed in breaches and rates the device security based on factors like whether a screen lock or device encryption is enabled. The app also includes a number of short security training courses to help people understand and improve their security posture. Each course has a quiz at the end to gamify the learning experience.

SAFE Me app 2

"The average consumer is tech-savvy to a point, but cybersecurity is perhaps their weakest area of expertise. They can accurately report battery life percentage and share gigabytes of data usage, but if you ask them to quantify -- or even describe -- their cyber-risk, the vast majority wouldn't know where to find the answer," says Saket Modi, CEO of Lucideus. "SAFE Me is designed to help consumers re-engineer their cyber consciousness. We've designed a solution that empowers consumers to easily monitor and understand their cyber risk across all their devices and the digital platforms they frequent such as Google, Twitter or Facebook in real-time. By curating a digital, gamified, easy-to-understand, and mobile-first experience, SAFE Me equips consumers with the know-how needed in today's digital environment."

SAFFE Me comes in three versions, Basic, Enterprise and Platinum, to suit a diverse range of consumer and business-level cybersecurity needs. It's available from today on the App Store and on the Play Store.

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