40 percent of SaaS app users have lost data

In the last year especially, many businesses have turned to SaaS applications in order to aid remote working. But a survey of over 630 SaaS users across a mix of industries finds that 40 percent have previously lost data stored in their online tools.

The study from cloud backup company Rewind finds 53 percent of respondents cited using SaaS tools on the job, and 43 percent using four or more.

"If I had known online tools don't provide complete protection of my business's data, I would have been backing up everything on day one," says Matt Davis, owner of Whisker Seeker, one of North America's largest fishing tackle manufacturers. "The loss of vital data from our ecommerce store days before the holiday shopping season started nearly crippled our operation. It was the biggest nightmare of my life; one that I never want to happen again."


However, many users (45 percent) still are not aware of the Shared Responsibility Model. They, therefore, don't realize that while SaaS providers actively back up their own cloud infrastructure, they don't make the account-level, business-critical information stored in their apps available to users.

Most say that the data in their SaaS applications is either 'somewhat' (47 percent) or 'very' (42 percent) critical to do their work.

"We want every single day to be backup day," says Mike Potter, CEO and co-founder of Rewind. "As business users entrust more and more of the data they rely on into the cloud with SaaS apps, understanding the associated risks and how to manage data loss is critical. In today’s increasingly technology-reliant business environment, comprehensive, accessible, and easily restored backups for foundational SaaS applications has become an absolute necessity to keep business operations running smoothly."

Image Credit: Maksim Kabakou / Shutterstock

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