New platform helps enterprises prevent breaches on SaaS apps


As more and more data moves outside the network perimeter into SaaS applications, this can become a blind spot for security teams trying to control access.

To address the issue DoControl is launching a fully automated SaaS data access platform, providing data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation across major SaaS apps, including Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Salesforce, and others.

"While leading cybersecurity product management at Google Cloud, I saw first hand how enterprises struggle with preventing unauthorized access to data stored in the cloud," says Adam Gavish, DoControl's co-founder and chief executive officer. "This becomes more complex with SaaS applications serving the entire workforce. Identity providers and zero trust solutions manage users and secure remote access, but security/IT teams have no simple way to dynamically monitor and restrict access to data by former employees, private accounts, external vendors, customers or partners. This creates a huge amount of unmanageable data access, posing significant risks to organizations and increasing the likelihood of data breaches. DoControl solves one of the most complex operational challenges -- monitoring and restricting data access to the wrong personnel without slowing down business enablement. We're giving enterprises an efficient platform to balance this operational equation through automation and frictionless, modern user experience."


The DoControl platform is integrated with major SaaS applications to provide three main capabilities. Comprehensive asset management provides critical business insights across users, external collaborators, assets, sharing breakdown, and third-party domains. Security policy enforcement uses intuitive, no-code workflows applied consistently to prevent data breaches at scale. And a Slack/Teams Bot engages with end-users on behalf of security/IT teams to enable a self-service remediation path for human errors, malicious activity, and data leakage.

You can find out more on the DoControl site.

Photo credit: Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock

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