[UPDATED] NVIDIA has a simple, possibly inadvisable, solution for poor game performance caused by problematic Windows 10 updates

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The issues caused by updates for Windows 10 have been varied and plentiful. With each new batch of updates, anyone willing to install them finds they are playing an unwitting game of Russian roulette; the patch may fix some problems, but the chances are that they will introduce new ones as well.

This month's KB5001330 update -- just like the non-security preview version from the previous month, KB5000842 -- was just the latest in a long line of bug-riddled updates. This time the plethora of problems includes a performance hit for a number of games and to help with this, NVIDIA has a simple (if slightly controversial) solution.

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Microsoft has now performed a KIR (Known Issue Rollback) in relation to this problem. More details here.

A number of gamers started to experience problems with various titles following the installation of these two updates. Performance issues abound, with many people complaining of a dramatic reduction in frame rates. Even on powerful gaming rigs, the update saw previously fluid games dropping from silky smooth frame rates, down to a stuttery 40 FPS.

As one gamer explains in a Windows 10 subreddit:

This update from windows should fix some hdr problems. But it brakes a good vsync implementation. I have a hdr tv attached to my computer. But i don’t used the hdr. I have it set on sdr.

Let’s take overwatch as example (problems also in other games). My pc runs overwatch at 180 fps with fast sync (just to let you know how powerful it is, 2070 super). Before the update it runs on vsync at 60 solid.

After the update with vsync on, it drops from 60 to 55 to even 40-45. Etc.

Uninstalled kb5000842 update and issue was gone and it worked as a charm. Installed update again (just to check). Problem was back again. So rolled back again and problem is gone. 100% sure that in my case this update is complete trash for gamers who use vsync. Don’t know what causes it, but stay away from that update if you have same issues. Just de-install it from the windows update menu.

Over in its support forums, NVIDIA makes direct reference to this post, saying:

If you are seeing lower performance in games, check if rolling back Windows 10 Update KB5000842/KB5001330 solves the issue.

In a thread beneath this post the same member of NVIDIA staff explains that feedback from gamers has been passed on to Microsoft for investigation.

While uninstalling an update that has unwanted side effects might seem like a reasonable idea, in the case of KB5001330, the update included security fixes. The same is not true of KB5000842, but this is simply because it was a preview of KB5001330 minus the security components.

So NVIDIA's advice raises the question -- what's more important: gaming performance or system security?

Microsoft has now performed a KIR (Known Issue Rollback) in relation to this problem. More details here.

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