The Queen's golden Nintendo Wii is up for sale

In 2009, as a publicity stunt, games publisher THQ made a 24 Karat golden Nintendo Wii console for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen likely never saw it (and probably has no knowledge of its existence), but it’s a fine looking piece of Wii history and it's currently up for sale on eBay, although you’ll need deep pockets if you want to buy it.


Donny from has owned the golden Wii since 2017 and describes it as being in 'good condition', although the bottom of the serial number is partially covered with the red fabric it was displayed on by THQ and the Wii-mote also has some wear on the bottom.

If that doesn’t put you off, then you can buy it now for the eye-watering price of $300,000 from here.

Explaining why he has chosen to sell it, Donny explains it’s so he can buy his own place. On he says:

My family was never very healthy financially, so money was always needed. I never wanted to sell it; however, I was always curious how much someone could give for it. I wanted to keep it with me just in case I’ll open my museum.

I started talking to people about moving forward, and they told me nothing lasts forever. I’m the type who is attached to things in a way that I find it hard to let them go. So selling the Wii will also help me move forward in this respect.

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