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NewerTech launches USB-C to HDMI and DisplayPort adapters

Some computer manufacturers have been trying to kill USB-A and push consumers towards USB-C, but so far, this scheme has not been successful. Don't get me wrong, USB-C is wonderful -- the reversible connector is far superior to the previous USB design -- but there are just too many USB-A devices in the world to have it disappear completely. While he death of USB-A is a certainty, it is still many years away.

If you have one of those newfangled computers that only come with USB-C, you can always buy a hub, dongle, or adapter. For instance, today, NewerTech launches two new USB-C video adapters. One converts USB-C to HDMI and the other to DisplayPort. These USB-C dongles aren't just great for connecting to computer monitors, but televisions too.

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System76 unveils open source 'Launch Configurable Keyboard' for Linux, Windows, and macOS that is made in the USA

System76 makes and sells excellent computers running Linux-based operating systems. The company's laptops and desktops can be had with your choice of the popular Ubuntu or the company's own Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS. For many years now, System76 has been a huge proponent of both the Linux and open source communities. Quite frankly, Linux users all over the world are very lucky to have System76 computers as an option.

And now, PC manufacturer System76 is becoming an accessory maker too. You see, after teasing the product for months, today, the company officially unveils its newest product -- the "Launch Configurable Keyboard." Yes, folks, it is a mechanical keyboard made in the USA with a focus on open source. The Launch has both open source firmware and hardware. Even the configuration software -- which runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS -- is open source.

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TP-Link launches four new affordable Kasa smart home products

A smart home is a happy home as far I am concerned. Since going all-in on smart devices in my house, my life has been much improved. I can control my thermostat without getting out of bed, and when I leave a room, I can tell Google to turn off the light. If I hear a bump in the night, I can pull out my phone or tablet to monitor my Wi-Fi cameras. We are living in the future, and it is great.

Today, popular company TP-Link launches a quartet of new smart home products under its Kasa branding. There is the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug (EP10), Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug (EP40), Kasa Spot, 24/7 Recording (KC400), and the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt, 24/7 Recording (KC410S). Basically, it is a pair of 2K Wi-Fi cameras and a couple of Wi-Fi power outlet adapters.

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Instagram now lets you proudly display your preferred pronouns such as ve, xyr, and zir

Sex and gender are two different things. For many people, these match. Using myself as an example, I was born biologically male and identify my gender as such. I prefer to be called "him" and "he." For some other people, however, their gender does not match their sex. And yes, despite what some ignorant people may think, this is absolutely factual -- sex is biology while gender is a social construct.

This is why you really can't assume someone's gender or pronouns. Just because someone looks to you like they are biologically female, for instance, that doesn't mean the person wants to be referred to as "she" or "her." Heck, some people identify as a gender that is neither male or female. In theory, there are infinite genders -- and infinite pronouns.

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PNY launches XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB DDR4 4000MHz 16GB desktop memory kit

Just yesterday, we told you about some insanely fast memory from HyperX. That company's new Predator RAM kits can be had with speeds up to 5333MHz. While we do not yet know pricing for that memory, it is guaranteed to be expensive.

If you don't need super-pricy memory that exceeds 5000MHz, but you still want something faster than the typical 3200MHz, I have great news. Today, PNY unveils its latest RAM -- the XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB DDR4 4000MHz desktop memory kit. And yes, as the name implies, it features RGB lighting.

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Bodhi Linux 6.0 available for download

There are way too many Linux distributions nowadays. Some of them are unique, but for the most part, they are largely repetitive and don't all need to exist. One Linux-based operating system that manages to stand out, however, is Bodhi, which uses the Moksha desktop environment (a fork of Enlightenment).

If you aren't familiar with Bodhi, please know it is a lightweight operating system that is based on the great Ubuntu. Today, Bodhi 6.0 becomes available. This release comes nearly three years after version 5.0 became available. This is the first release of Bodhi Linux to be based on Ubuntu 20.04.

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HyperX Predator DDR4 gaming RAM now available in speeds up to 5333MHz

Back in February, Kingston announced that it was selling its HyperX gaming division to HP. Many PC enthusiasts were nervous about this, particularly regarding what would happen to HyperX RAM. Thankfully, Kingston did not include its memory products in the deal, so HyperX RAM will not be made HP. In other words, Kingston will apparently keep on manufacturing the HyperX memory that consumers love.

Today, HyperX announces that its popular Predator DDR4 gaming RAM can now be had in frequencies up to 5333MHz! To be more specific, the memory kits will be offered in three new speeds -- 5000MHz, 5133MHz, and 5333MHz. Yeah, folks, this is some insanely fast RAM!

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HYPER unveils a trio of Google-certified 'Works With Chromebook' USB-C products

When someone tells me that Chromebooks are only good for surfing the web, I have to do my best not to angrily laugh in their face. That opinion is just so ignorant and outdated. The truth is, Chromebooks run the excellent Chrome OS Linux distribution, which is more than capable for business, education, and personal use. You aren't limited to web apps either -- you can run many desktop Linux and Android apps nowadays. Oh, and Chrome OS is more secure than Windows 10 too.

Most new Chromebooks come with a USB-C port, letting you connect many great accessories, such as docks and dongles, to expand its usefulness. Yeah, you can even turn a Chromebook into a makeshift desktop by connecting a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. And now, HYPER has unveiled a trio of Google-certified "Works With Chromebook" USB-C products.

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System76 begins shipping Linux computers to Mexico, including ones made in the USA

When you live in the USA, you get used to buying things that are made in other countries. It is just very common to see things stamped with "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico." Some Americans take issue with this, actively trying to buy products made in the USA, but this can be quite hard. Even American car companies, like Ford, outsource labor to foreign counties, such as Mexico.

System76 is a company that sells computers preloaded with Linux-based operating systems, including laptops and desktops. While its laptops are not yet manufactured in the USA, its beautiful Thelio desktops are handcrafted here. And now, in an interesting twist, System76 has begun shipping its computers to customers in Mexico.

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Computer manufacturers have been trying to kill USB-A and push consumers towards USB-C, but so far, this scheme has not been successful. Don't get me wrong, USB-C is great -- the reversible connector is far superior to the previous USB design -- but there are just too many USB-A devices in the world to have it go away completely. The death of USB-A is a certainty, but it is still many years away.

If you have one of those newfangled computers that only come with USB-C, you can always just get a hub, dongle, or adapter. The problem, however, is you typically lose a USB-C port in order to gain additional USB-A ports. That's what makes's newest 4-Port USB-C Hub so cool -- it has three USB-A ports, plus one USB-C port. So when it plugs into the USB-C port on your computer, you will still have a free USB-C port -- on the hub. Most such hubs only offer USB-A.

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Logitech Rugged Combo 3 Touch transforms Apple iPad into ultimate laptop for education

Want to know a secret? Kids do not want to use a clunky Windows 10 laptop for education. Instead, they will much prefer devices they are familiar with, such as Chromebooks or the iPad. Apple's tablet in particular can make learning more fun, as it simply feels more exciting. Kids just love Apple's iPad.

With the right accessory, the iPad tablet can become quite the capable laptop too. And no, you don't need an iPad Pro to have a proper laptop-like experience. For instance, the Logitech Rugged Combo 3 Touch will transform the "regular" 7th or 8th gen iPad into the ultimate laptop for education, while simultaneously protecting it from drops up to 4.5 feet. It has both a trackpad and a keyboard, plus it connects using the smart connector pins -- no Bluetooth or external power needed.

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This Cat6a Ethernet cable is antibacterial

COVID-19 has been a global tragedy, leading to many deaths and causing countless businesses to shutter. On a positive note, however, the virus has opened our eyes to many unsanitary behaviors. For instance, people are more cognizant of the importance of hand-washing.

The coronavirus has also lead to new health-conscious products on the market, and today, L-com releases something quite interesting. While not necessarily a way to fight the COVID-19 virus, the company's newest product can combat sickness overall. You see, it is a Cat6a Ethernet cable that has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

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Star Labs StarBook Mk V laptop for sale with Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro, and more

Back in the day, getting a laptop with Linux pre-installed was almost unheard of. For the most part, you had to buy a computer with Windows and then install Linux yourself. This wasn't bad necessarily, but it did mean that the price of the computer usually included a Windows license you maybe didn't want. In other words, Microsoft was profiting off of Linux users -- just because the consumer bought a Windows PC.

In 2021, however, there are many computers to be had with Linux pre-installed -- thanks to pioneers like System76. Of course, nowadays, big companies like Dell and Lenovo are selling Linux machines too. Today, yet another such laptop hits the market -- the Star Labs StarBook Mk V. This 14-inch notebook can be had your choice of several quality Linux distributions pre-installed, such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Manjaro to name a few. And yes, Windows 10 is an option too.

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Microsoft Edge Chromium-based web browser for Linux achieves Beta status

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

When Microsoft first announced it was bringing Edge to Linux, I was less than enthusiastic about it. In fact, I declared that I would never install the web browser on my own Linux computer. To this day, I have yet to install Edge for Linux, although my stance is softening a bit. Mozilla Firefox is feeling stagnant, while I am troubled by the FLoC situation with Google Chrome. Could Microsoft Edge for Linux be in my future?

Well, Microsoft's web browser just got one step closer to a stable release, so I might have to give it a try. You see, as of today, Edge has achieved Beta status! This means its development has progressed quite swimmingly, and the Chromium-based web browser should be totally fine to use daily. And yes, you can install Edge Beta for Linux right now.

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Creative SXFI CARRIER is a premium Dolby Atmos Speaker System soundbar

Watching television is massively popular these days. Why? Well, not only are there some great shows on cable and streaming services, but because of the global pandemic, many of us have been quarantining for a very long time. And so, there isn't much to do other than consume media from home.

If you are using the speakers that are built into your TV, however, you really aren't experiencing television the proper way. These integrated speakers often sound tinny and are poor quality. You should instead be using an external speaker system, such as a soundbar. Today, Creative officially launches its latest such product. Called "SXFI CARRIER," this soundbar comes with a 10-inch wireless subwoofer and features Dolby Atmos technology.

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