Dryer Vent Cleaning Services


Your dryer vents can get clogged when plenty of lint accumulates in the system. There might be various facts that can lead to clogged dryer vent ducts.  One reason is the longer length of the dryer vent. The long dryer vent gets clogged quicker since the lint goes too far. Moreover, such dryers first get clogged toward the end of the run. It happens because the airflow is slower at that part.

Another reason is the curves or turns in the ductwork. Lint is likely to build up there. The crushed transition hose, from the back of the dryer connecting to the ductwork, can cause less airflow. It can cause clogged dryer vents.  There is a termination vent on the outside of the house. Lint can get stuck on them leading to clogged dryer vent duct.

Signs that say the dryer vent needs cleaning

  • It is taking longer than a 45 minute cycle to dry your clothes
  • A moldy smell coming from the dryer or from the clothing in the dryer
  • The dryer vent hood is not opening completely when the dryer is on
  • Lint and dirt around the dryer vent
  • Too much heat building up around the dryer area

Cleaning lint and debris from the vent will prevent potential fires and other mishaps. You can opt for professional dryer vent cleaning services near me in Tampa. It will make your dryer trouble-free and more energy efficient. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, you should go for professional inspection and cleaning. We, Dryer Vent Cleaning Tampa, are one of the most trusted dryer vent cleaning companies in the business. We come with a diligent team of experienced technicians. They can fix the problem in a quick and slick professional process.

Quick Facts regarding Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Failure to clean the dryer is a crucial factor that contributes to household fires.
  • Clean dryer vent improves energy efficiency. It allows clothes to dry quickly, saving more energy.
  • For a quick fix and long-lasting relief, opt for professional dryer vent cleaning.


Dryer vent cleaning service entails knowledge, skill and the right tools. Once our professionals will be at the job site, they will inspect the faulty system to check the current condition of the lint build-up. We use high-pressure air and vacuum to clean the full length of your dryer duct.  If you keep your dryer vents clean, it will help you reduce the amount of lint build-up in the system.

Remember, excess lint build-up in the dryer can lead to dryer fires. Once the dryer vent gets cleaned, make sure you clean the dryer filter after it dies every single load. It will increase the airflow and your clothes will dry quicker. Also, thus, your dryer vent will stay cleaner for a longer period.